Hi. I’m Tom, your guide here on Soul Service,


You might want to explore this place if you are interested in:

A spirituality that doesn´t ask to give up your ability to think and reason

Seeking out mind/soul without the need to believe in anything.

Deepening the understanding of your own being

Discovering new ways to look at the world and engage with it

Correct patterns of behaviour that have become obstacles






Let me first explain what this site is about, and what you can expect here.

I believe that our modern society is suffering from a loss of soul. Religion, that old institution that gave purpose to our lives, has lost its meaning for many people and has been replaced by science. Faith is giving way to reason, so it seems. Unfortunately, the dominant version of science is materialism, or physicalism, which states that all that exists is matter, which, when combined in a complex enough way, gives rise to consciousness. Life doesn´t have any meaning, nor do you, and when your body dies, that will be the end of you, and you won´t even know anymore that you ever existed, etc.  The big questions of life have lost here all their meaning. Why am I here, what is ´this´actually all about, etc

However, as I hope to show you, there is an alternative to this strange version of science, that, when you give it some serious consideration, actually makes more sense and does not discard our own experience.

This website is divided in three main sections:

1. A place to explore new perspectives on life, reality and what it means to be human. Here we are not afraid to ask the big questions of life.

2. A place that will help you grow as a human being. I will here share spiritual insights you might like to consider

3. A place to heal. In order to grow on a spiritual level, it is often necessary to address issues in our conditioning/personality that prevent us from growing, or use spiritual ideas to avoid them.